So George and I made this video for my friend, Brian, who somehow manages to get me to do things that I would never do for anyone else. Check my personal Facebook page and check out some of my videos. There’s another one in there I made just for him… Anyway, he makes requests and for some bizarre-o reason, I comply.

But George thought I should also share it here on the blog since 1) a lot of my new readers don’t even know I even play and 2) so many of my older readers are probably wondering why. To those who are wondering “why?”…

I’m getting back into it.

I’m trying to take breaks from work, work, work all the time and this is something I always loved to do, even if I was only just mediocre at it. So enjoy the rare look into this photographer’s favorite former (and soon-to-be present) pastime…

I’m flying to Spokane, WA tomorrow for the rare Tuesday wedding! I’m second shooting for my pal, Michelle Sidles! I’m really excited to meet my long time online photo buddy for the first time, to work with her, and to photograph her awesome family!

Wish me luck and say a prayer for a safe flight tomorrow! Thank you much! ๐Ÿ˜€

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